Top 7 Featured DEV Posts of the Week

Top 7 Featured DEV Posts of the Week

Welcome to this week’s Top 7, where the DEV editorial team handpicks their favorite posts from the previous week.

Congrats to all the authors that made it onto the list 👏

Jake advises junior engineers to work more deliberately and methodically rather than quickly, emphasizing that a slower, more thoughtful approach leads to deeper learning and better skill development.

Pascal practical shares advice for library authors on dealing with barrel files.

Yordi shows us how they’ve vectorized each section of their website.

Shai takes us into a deep dive on debugging Kubernetes.

Martin details their initial experience with Rust and the pros and cons they’re walking away with.

Martin provides strategies for maintaining resilience during the job hunting process, emphasizing the importance of staying motivated, handling rejection constructively, and continuously improving skills.

Ben walks us through the history of serverless and shares their perspective on the future of serverless.

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Top 7 roundup! 🎬 We hope you enjoyed this eclectic mix of insights, stories, and tips from our talented authors. Keep coding, keep learning, and stay tuned to DEV for more captivating content and make sure you’re opted in to our Weekly Newsletter 📩 for all the best articles, discussions, and updates.

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