Who Is Matt Rife Dating in 2024? Girlfriend Jessica Lord’s Age & Job

Who Is Matt Rife Dating in 2024? Girlfriend Jessica Lord’s Age & Job

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Many fans are curious to know who Matt Rife is dating in 2024 while others want to know more about who his girlfriend, Jessica Lord, is. While Matt Rife is known by fans and the entertainment industry for his stand-up comedy, not many know about his girlfriend, Lord.

So, just who is Matt Rife’s girlfriend, Jessica Lord? How old is she? What does she do for a living? Here is everything you need to know.

Who is Matt Rife’s girlfriend in 2024?

Matt Rife’s girlfriend in 2024 is Jessica Lord.

Rumors of Rife’s relationship with Jessica Lord first sparked in June 2023, when fans noticed the comedian flirting with Lord via Instagram, posting various comments and sometimes GIFs that indicated something was going on between them.

Then, in August 2023, in an appearance on Good Morning America, Matt Rife confirmed that he was in a relationship, though he did not mention Jessica Lord by name.

Following this, Rife expanded on his relationship with Jessica Lord in an October 2023 interview with People Magazine, where he stressed that he wished to keep it private and also mentioned that Lord kept him grounded and forced him to take time out of his busy schedule to spend time together which he appreciated. He also claimed that Lord was “important to my infrastructure”

What is Jessica Lord’s age and job?

Jessica Lord, born July 29, 1998, is currently 25 years old. She is an actress and dancer.

Lord was born in Rochdale, England, a small town outside Manchester. She then spent most of her childhood in Canada. Jessica Lord has a unique accent that combines British, Canadian, and Scottish, catching social media users’ attention. She later explained on TikTok why it was like that, which you can check out below:

Jessica Lord began her dancing career when she was four. She revealed in a 2020 Canadian Model and Talent Convention interview that she originally wished to be a dancer but then booked her first acting role through a dancing gig for four episodes of The Next Step, which then led to her becoming a regular for the show’s fifth season.

She then went on to appear in projects like Find Me in Paris, Ransom, and Party of Five.

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