WWDC 2024: Genmoji lets you create your own emojis with ‘Apple Intelligence’

WWDC 2024: Genmoji lets you create your own emojis with ‘Apple Intelligence’

Apple revealed its all-new Genmoji feature at WWDC 2024, allowing users to create emojis using Apple Intelligence (AI). That’s right; you can now generate a unique emoji by simply describing the emoji you want via Apple AI — and even use images of friends.

Apple already has thousands of emojis available and continuously brings new additions in annual updates. With Genmoji, however, you don’t have to wait around to send off the right emoji.

Create new emojis with Genmoji

Through Apple Intelligence, users can create Genmojis (Generative + Emoji) on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac just by bringing up the AI prompt and keyboard. By simply providing a description, you’ll see a unique Genmoji appear that’s ready to be sent off in the Messages app and more.

Credit: Apple

As per Apple’s example, you can write “Smiley relaxing wearing cucumbers,” and the Genmoji will be created. What’s more, there will be more options for the same description to pick from, giving users plenty of choice to select the emoji they’re keen on.

It aims to give users a specific way to describe how they feel, get excited about an occasion, or “complain about the rowdy squirrel right outside your window.” Yes, it can be that specific.

Since Apple Intelligence is aware of the people in your library, you can also pick someone and generate a Genmoji based on them. Want to turn your friend into a secret agent emoji? You now can.

Credit: Apple

Genmoji can also be used to react to messages in a chat, placed inline in your messages, and as stickers. Essentially, they act like custom-made emojis that can be generated in seconds.

Genmoji isn’t the only Apple AI trick announced, as WWDC 2024 also showed a bunch of iOS 18, iPadOS 18 — and even Safari updates with Apple Intelligence tools.

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