XDefiant Season 1 – Release date, new maps, faction, weapons, and more

XDefiant Season 1 – Release date, new maps, faction, weapons, and more

XDefiant has had a pretty successful launch after seemingly being in development for an age. While it might not quite be the “COD killer” that some expected it to be, it’s still a pretty solid arena shooter with those factions that keep the gameplay extremely varied yet tactical.

Now, XDefiant Season 1 has been announced and here we’ll take you through its release date, new maps, weapons, faction, and more.

XDefiant Season 1 release date

Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long for the first season as XDefiant Season 1 launches on July 2, 2024.

This is a pretty speedy turnaround for a first season since the game only launched in late May, and considering the amount of content that’s included, it is impressive all-round.

XDefiant Season 1 new maps

There will be three brand new maps introduced in XDefiant Season 1 – Clubhouse, Daytona, and Rockefeller. However, these won’t all be released in one go and instead, will be spread across three months, allowing you to get accustomed to each before the new one launches.

Clubhouse appears to be the most complex of the three with inside and outside areas that can be accessed through sliding and other more intricate movement methods. Daytona, set on a race track, has more of a vibrant feel, with the sun beaming down throughout. Rockefeller is definitely the smallest new map, almost Nuketown-esque from Call of Duty, and will almost certainly be one of the most frenetic maps to date.

XDefiant Season 1 new faction

If you’re getting a little fatigued by the current factions in the game, there is a brand new addition coming in XDefiant Season 1.

This one is named GSK and is a Police-themed faction with each of the members donning the appropriate gear. If you recognize either the name or the look of GSK, that’s probably because like the other factions in the game, they originate from another Ubisoft title.

This time it’s Rainbow Six Siege, bringing with it similar abilities and utility that Siege operators are known for. Even though we only get a brief look at them, it appears that Blitz’s shield and Jager’s ADS ability have made the crossover which are definitely perfect fits for the game, adding even more tactical nouse to the fast-paced battles.

XDefiant Season 1 new weapons

Three new weapons will be introduced in XDefiant Season 1 – the L115 sniper, Sawed-Off Shotgun, and LVOA-C SMG.

This is a nice variety of additions to the game and will certainly shake up the current meta that is in Preseason.

While we’ve only gotten a small glimpse at the power of these new weapons, it’s clear to say that many will run and gunners are going to enjoy the Sawed-Off, even if you do have to reload every two shots.

XDefiant Season 1 new mode

The brand new mode that will be introduced in XDefiant Season 1 is Capture The Flag – a game mode that anyone who’s played an FPS knows and loves.

XDefiant’s take on Capture The Flag appears to be the same as its always been – get the opposition’s flag, bring it back to your own, and score a point for your team. Based on the UI, the score to win looks to be four, so you’ll have a few chances to come back if your opponents get the first point on the board.

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