Beginner Project Ideas with GitHub repos

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As a beginner or an intermediate developer, it’s okay to admit it might be hard to have a project in mind to work on. Here are some of the projects that you can clone and work on.

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1. Web dev Projects

To-Do List App: – This is a simple to-do list built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Personal Portfolio Website: – A showcase of a portfolio website using HTML and CSS.

Interactive Quiz: – An example of an interactive quiz using these technologies.

Landing Page Design: – Search results for landing page designs using HTML and CSS.

Responsive Website: – Example responsive website projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Python Web Development:

Simple Blog (Flask): – Official Django tutorial for creating a blog, adaptable to Flask.

To-Do List App (Flask): – A to-do list app example using Flask.

Quote Generator (Flask): – You can find APIs for quotes here and use them with Flask in your project.

URL Shortener (Flask): – URL shortener using Flask with example code.

Mad Libs Generator (Python): – A few examples of Mad Libs generators on GitHub.

3. General Python Projects:

Text-Based Adventure Game: – Text-based adventure game examples using Python.

Number Guessing Game: – Simple number guessing games in Python.

Password Generator: – Tutorial on creating a secure password generator with Python.

Simple Calculator: – Building a simple calculator app in Python.

Web Scraper (Educational Tutorial): – Official Scrapy tutorial to learn web scraping responsibly.

Get the whole list of projects here

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