CM Punk Hypes up for ECW Punk Pack In WWE 2K24, Takes a Jab at Drew McIntyre

CM Punk Hypes up for ECW Punk Pack In WWE 2K24, Takes a Jab at Drew McIntyre

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CM Punk and Drew McIntyre are still going back and forth, with Punk recently trolling McIntyre while discussing WWE 2K24. The game recently released its ‘ECW Punk Pack’ DLC, which includes CM Punk along with ECW legends like Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Sandman, and Terry Funk.

In response to the release of the ECW Punk Pack, Punk sent a message to Drew McIntyre. Punk shared a video on Instagram confirming the game’s release. In the video, he went on to brutally troll Drew McIntyre. He stated that McIntyre can now play as CM Punk’s character in the game.

He stated, “Good news, everybody, CM Punk is finally available for play on WWE 2K24. This is making waves on the internet, so you know Drew McIntyre is watching it. I’m part of the Punk Pack. That includes myself and some hardcore legends from ECW like Sandman, The Dudleyz, and the most hardcore legend of all Terry Funk.”

He continued, “Now, Drew, if you are watching this and let’s face it you’re on the internet so you’re watching it, you can finally play as your favorite wrestler and human being, me, CM Punk. Hope you have a terrible day, pal.”

WWE 2K game fans will finally have the chance to play as CM Punk in the games, almost a decade after his last appearance. Punk returned to WWE in November 2023, where the game had already been developed. However, a few months ago, fans were questioning Punk’s absence from the game. Punk personally responded to fans, mentioning that he would attempt to apply some pressure to get himself included in the game.

Drew McIntyre fires shots at CM Punk mocks his injury

CM Punk’s insistence was that Drew McIntyre plays Punk’s character in the new WWE 2K24 ECW Punk Pack. In response to CM Punk on X (formerly Twitter), McIntyre shared a video of himself playing the game. In the video, McIntyre took a shot at Punk’s injury. He stated that Punk’s character in the game also got injured.

lol he’s in the game for one day and already hurt ?

— Drew (@DMcIntyreWWE) May 15, 2024

The ongoing verbal sparring between Punk and McIntyre started at the WWE Royal Rumble, where Punk suffered a triceps injury caused by McIntyre.

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