Romanian farmers warn of blocking customs points again

Romanian farmers warn of blocking customs points again

Romanian farmers, who suspended their protests after the government promised to disburse state aids, are increasingly concerned about the irregularities found in the customs points where the Ukrainian trucks are not weighted and sealed and are warning of new protests.

In a letter sent to the president, the prime minister, and the Ministry of Agriculture, the Forum of Professional Farmers and Processors in Romania (FAPPR) expresses its concern and indignation at the fact that cargo shipments from Ukraine arriving in Romania are not weighed (so part of the load could be sold along their route through Romania).

The warning came after the Romanian authorities confirmed that no grain imports from Ukraine had been officially operated since last July.

“All we want is a real monitoring system for the agricultural products from Ukraine entering the country. By concrete measures, we mean the urgent dismissal of all those responsible for this serious situation,” the farmers’ organization explained, quoted by

(Photo source: Inquam Photos/Casian Mitu)

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