In a post-Armored Core 6 world, can Mechabreak smash the mecha curse?

In a post-Armored Core 6 world, can Mechabreak smash the mecha curse?

A team-based 3rd person mech PvP game sounds like the exact kind of high-octane action the people want. Who doesn’t like big robots, armed with a variety of distinct and powerful weapons, duking it out? Point me to someone who detests the idea and you’d be pointing at a rube and a coward. Yet, even so, the multiplayer mech game has historically struggled to find much of a footing in Western markets. Enter Mechabreak, the latest game hoping to break this precident.

Mechabreak – created by Chinese developer Seasun Games – is a brand-new mecha IP focused on unique mechs with their own distinct abilities and quirks. It’s a role-based team shooter like you’vee seen with Overwatch and other multiplayer games in a similar camp, but encased in sleek sci-fi robots and the like. It comes to the world while the ashes of Gundam Evolution are still warm, a game with a well-known IP that burned out without latching onto much of an audience. Mechabreak will have to be good – damn good – to succeed in the current free-to-play death tornado that’s culled many games with genuine merit.

With that in mind, it’s good news that Mechabreak is undoubtedly fun to play. No question about it. During my time with the game, I was engrossed in the variety of mechs available in the base roster. A slow and sturdy tank mech, able to withstand overwheling firepower through smart use of shields and other protective abilties. A lightweight aerial alternative, able to take to the skies in a jet mode while raining down on enemy players was also enticing. Ultimately, my heart rested with an axe-wielding close-quarters mecha that allowed me to box in and cut apart players who got too close. There’s a dish for any palette here.

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